Huey Walker – „Blearies“

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01. Blearies   … 22:11

Mini-CDr (rot) in Faltcover mit Einleger
limitierte Edition: 20 Stück

Guitars, Resonances, Synthesizer & Vocals 
All Instruments, Photography & Artwork: Martin Hiller

Recorded on Thursday, March 19th, 2015.

Release Date
July, 18th, 2014

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CDr incl. MP3
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Huey Walker veröffentlicht mit „Blearies“ seine zweite Mini-CDr.
Wie auch „Chaussee, Nachts Ruf“, das 2012 die musikalischen Ergebnisse von Huey Walkers Teilnahme am „Schaufensterschau“-Projekt dokumentierte, präsentiert sich „Blearies“ als kolorierte One-Track-CD. Die vorliegenden 22 Minuten wurden am 19. März 2015 aufgenommen und zwei Tage später, am 21. März, veröffentlicht. Direkter Output ist hier die Devise.

„Blearies“ enthält Musik mit Gitarre, Resonanzen, Synthesizern und Vocals.


“[…] These insubstantial openings slowly make way for more empowered and well defined musics as the piece proceeds; rising from the water changes little though as wet synth splashes begin to crystallise alongside the developing drone, slowly making way for easygoing carousel evocations that begin to give the album a little bit of grounded liveliness, the jovial and oscillatory synth bobbings whirling endlessly in the darkness, a beacon of lightheartedness surrounded by otherwise more reserved stretches of diffuse sound. But this bastion of glowing clarity slips quickly away as we return to more undefined shores, but rather than re-plumbing the aquatic depths heard at the start we saunter along its sandy textural banks, leaving the synths behind and focusing down on the intimate complexities of the lush guitar drone that finds itself suddenly full of life and buzz. Everything sort of melts away into this visceral but indistinctly emotional mass of entrancingly dense but whisperingly presented sound, slowly slipping back under the radar from whence it came. […]
HearFeel (by Chris Doherty-Ingram)

„Huey Walker makes music from field recordings, drones and instruments. His music is quiet and focussed, slowly changing and mutating, but without major incident or trajectory. It clicks and whistles and mutters to itself, made of texture and sound, incident and half-heard ambience. His pieces are often about 20 minutes long, his albums only have one or two works on them (I guess you could call them EPs). My favourite is Blearies, but Chausse, Nachts Ruf is also good, if more abrasive and noisy.“
International Times (by Rupert Loydell)

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