Rakkoon Recordings is a Label for Music, Sounds & Tones based in Greifswald, a small Town near the Baltic Sea, releasing Music from the Variety of Lowfi, Freeform, Drone, Minimal, Psych, Improvisation, Ambient, No Wave & Post Punk.

Rakkoon Recordings is run by Martin Hiller and was formerly known as „Rain, Dear! Recordings & Revelations“, which was founded in 2011.

The eclectic world of Martin Hiller at martin-hiller.de

All Activities related to Rakkoon Recordings are collected and documented on the website of Martin Hiller. Please head over to martin-hiller.de to get information, photos and videos about Rakkoon Recordings and his eclectic, interwoven artistic doings.

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Rakkoon Recordings floats through the Worlds of Minimalism, Freeform Firlefanz, Wohltemperierter Lärm, Cosmic Contemplation, Aleatoric Adagios, Primitivism, Drones, Freeform Freakouts, Music.