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The Splendid Ghetto-Pipers - I Just Want It To Be A Sound

OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – I Just Want It To Be A Sound (2017)

„I Just Want It To Be A Sound“ is a vibrant recording of the concert of The Splendid Ghetto Pipers (today: The Kanadagans) on April 5th, 2013 at Ikuwo, Greifswald. The release is a vivid mixture of drugged-up shoegaze-contemplations, somnambulant meditations and minimal-fluctuating ambient-processings — always in search for the endless, perfect, burrowing, wandering sound.

The Splendid Ghetto-Pipers - Die Gute Besserung

OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Die Gute Besserung (2017)

This double-album shows The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, who are nowadays operating under their moniker The Kanadagans, doing some sprawling, puristic guitar-drones, waving through sublime psychedelic noisenoodlings, dreamy contemplations and frizzling freeform freakouts. Norman Records, UK says: „layers and layers of noise, static, hauntingly subtle melodies and tenderly quiet guitars“.

Huey Walker - "Dreamsleaves" (Front Cover)

OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Dreamsleaves (2017)

„Dreamsleaves“ by Huey Walker finally finds its remastered and conceptionally complete 3-track-beauty. The album now contains an additional track and new photographic artwork. All tunes have similar, conceptional prefixes: layering various soundsources into pearly, manifold, floating structures.

Rakkoon Recordings - Various Releases, November 2017

Rakkoon Recordings announces Release of Label-Catalogue

The new label-design gives our releases the framing sense of unity and cohesiveness we feel within all of these releases. The clear-structured design gives the plain space needed for the audio-visual offerings: the music and the photos, images and graphics. The catalogue-layout merges all records into an aesthetically unified framework

The Kanadagans at Subset Festival 2017 (Image by Patrick Hinz)

Photos: The Kanadagans beim Subset Festival im Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock

Am 11. 11. 2017 spielten The Kanadagans im Rahmen des Subset Festivals im Peter-Weiss-Haus in Rostock. Patrick Hinz hat einige Impressionen eingefangen.

Huey Walker, Press-Pic, 2017

News: Huey Walker live beim PolenmARkT Festival 2017

Huey Walker spielt mit Paweł Szamburski und Jan Emil Młynarski im Rahmen des PolenmARkT Festival am 24.11. zur Jazz Night im Heineschuppen in Greifswald. Huey Walker wird an Saiten- und Tasteninstrumenten endlose, elegische Teppiche knüpfen und die Grenzen zwischen „Jatzz“ (verspulter Improvisation) und „Dschäääs“ (freiem, (a)tonalem Wandern) dehnen.

Subset Fest, Rostock (Flyer-Collage)

News: The Kanadagans beim Subset Festival in Rostock

Das erste Subset Fest in Rostock holt Drone, Doom, Post-Metal, Sludge, Noise und Co. nach Rostock. Mit Bands, Workshops, Filmen, Vortrag und Parties. The Kanadagans spielen als Gäste aus Greifswald dort am Sonnabend.


Video: Huey Walker – EPK 2017

Huey Walker plays a fragmented, freeform Jingle-Jangle, based on a Sense of Slowness, Pacing and the Joy of Monotony. With Aspects of Minimalism, aleatoric Music and impromptu timbral Explorations, he developes a pulsating, static Reeling and winching Whirrings. Get everything you need to know about Huey Walker and The Kanadagans in this Video.


Photos & Video: Huey Walker’s „Droops“ live beim Druckfestival

Am 22. September 2017 spielte Huey Walker seine Installation „Droops“ für drei Gitarren und Wassertropfen im Rahmen des Druckfestivals „Feste Drucken“ in Stralsund. Ein Video und Photos von der dreistündigen Session.