Was ist das?
Rakkoon Recordings is a Do-It-Yourself-Label, releasing Music on CD(r) and Vinyl.
Rakkoon Recordings is the successor to „Rain, Dear! Recordings & Revelations“.
You can find a little more Information here.

Your English is weird and sometimes you write in german Language. What is this, are you drunk?
Most of the Information on this Site is written in – as you name it – some sort of English. Manchmal aber auch nicht. It’s sort of aus der Laune heraus.


What can i buy?
You can buy our Releases directly from us here in the Boutique. Either you can buy a physical Record (in almost every Case containing an MP3-Download) or you can buy many Releases as MP3-only. You can choose your preferred Format by checking the respective Radio Button on the Release-Page in the Shop.

What is in the digital Releases?
Your Download comes as a .zip-File, containing the Music in MP3-Format, the Cover-Artwork as a .jpg and eventually some extra Stuff like additional Artwork-.jpgs.

When you buy a physical Release containing a Download, you will be able to Download the appropriate Release after Payment is done. This means, if you use Paypal, you can access your Download(s) immediately after Cart-Checkout. Cool, he?

Your purchased Releases will be available for Download at any Time in the „My Account„-Section. You can also order as a Guest, without creating an Account.

What’s the Format of the Music-Downloads?
MP3-Files are encoded in VBR 320kbps.
If you are looking for lossless .flac etc., please check our Site at bandcamp.

The full-length Preview-Streams are MP3-Files, coded in a lower Bitrate at 128KB.

What are the shipping costs?

  • In Germany:
    • Vinyl (1-3 pcs. + eventually add. CDrs): 4,40 €
    • CD / CDr (1-4 pcs.): 1,80 €
  • International:
    • 6,50 € everywhere

How can i pay my Order on this Website?
Payment Methods are:

  • Paypal
    • at Cart-Checkout you will be redirected to Paypal, where you can pay as usual
    • your physical Orders will be shipped as soon as possible after Payment
    • MP3-Releases (and those Downloads that come with a physical Release) can be downloaded immediately after Cart-Checkout in your „My Account„-Section
  • Bank Transfer
    • during Checkout we will give you our Banking Details
    • physical Releases AND MP3-Releases will be available for you after Payment is cleared (of course you can Listen to our Releases in full Length at any Time on their respective Product-Pages)

I do not want to create an Account, i want to order as a Guest – how do i get my Download(s)?
When you order as a Guest, most of the Communication is done via e-mail. After Cart-Checkout you will be directed to a Summary of your Order and the Payment you have done or asked to do (e.g. Bank Transfer), you get all that Information by e-mail, too. When your Order is finished, you will get an e-mail with the Links to your Download(s).

When you create an Account with Username/e-mail and Password (set the Checkmark right before your Cart-Checkout), you will be able to login to your Account anytime – here you’ll find a Listing of your Orders and your associated Downloads.

Whereelse can i get your Releases?
Currently some Releases are also available at Drone Records (Ger) and Norman Records (UK) . We also have a Site at bandcamp. And sure, you can get our Music at our Concerts.

I’ve bought a physical Release and have an Inlay-Card with a Download-Code. How can I redeem it?
Go to and enter the given Download-Code. The Link to your appropriate File(s) will appear.


I have another Question, something does not work like want it to – what can i do?
No Problem –  just write a Mail or use the Contact Formular! We will reply as soon as possible.